Cloud Based Remote Vaccine Monitoring  

Real-Time Alerts 24x7x365

Stored in the Cloud

Proactive Notification

Predictive Analytics

Plug and Play

Designed for clinics by clinics, Vax-Shield provides a cloud-based remote vaccine monitoring system featuring 24 by 7 remote alerts. We incorporate an intelligent cellular Gateway, an independent network, unique predictive and proactive services and make it all accessible through your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone.    

Late Friday night, your Vax-Shield service alerted me that our clinic freezer was too warm and would be out of range very soon. An ice pack was preventing the door from closing completely. This is the third time in 12 months that your service has prevented vaccine loss. Thank you for being proactive with our clinic. You forced us to look at refrigeration remediation strategies which preemptively cut our risk of loss significantly.  The recovery plan you developed for us has worked out well as we have utilized it three times since becoming a Vax-Shield customer. Our investment in Vax-Shield has paid for itself 20 times in just a year and half.

Chris Murgic, Administrator, Edina Health Sports & Wellness

We suffered two power outages the other weekend. Once again, Vax-Shield worked perfectly. We saved 100% of the vaccines!  Your service has prevented many vaccine losses at Lewis Drug Stores. As you know, we have many stores across a three-state area. Vax-Shield’s proactive notification to us of potential problems before they occur has been key to mitigating vaccine loss. Your service has paid for itself 100 times over.

Dave Nielsen, Dir. of Operations, Lewis Drug Store

Thank you for such a great service! Thank you for notifying us that the refrigerator was going to freeze at our clinic. We had just stocked it with new vaccine. We recently had a staff change but had not updated our emergency contact list. Thank you for going the extra mile.

Tracy Shulke, Entira Family Clinics

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