Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

“Vax-Shield strives to help clinics and pharmacies mitigate the risks associated with vaccine temperature monitoring. We know from our own experience running primary care clinics that resources are tight, and we can’t always properly manage everything we are required to do. Our goal is to make things easy by providing a Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System that is easy to install, easy to use and provides services that take the burden off clinics and pharmacies. Vax-Shield helps our clients protect their patients, prevent vaccine loss, and reduce risk.”

Dr. Jennifer Gobel – Founder

Vax-Shield is the result of a collaborative effort between primary care clinics in St. Paul, Minnesota who found existing temperature monitoring systems hard to install, cumbersome to use, lacking in clinical support, and not focused on small to medium-sized clinics and community pharmacies.

Vax-Shield services are tailored to best meet the needs of small to medium-sized clinics and community pharmacies. Vax-Shield is a perfect fit for those who do not have excess time, adequate staff resources, and expertise in managing automated monitoring solutions. We are particularly good fit for clients who have multiple clinics or pharmacies scattered over a wide geographic area.

Everything we do is designed to make it easy for our clients to implement, use and execute their vaccine management and recovery plans; from “plug and play” installation, no need for IT support, predictive analytics, proactive client notification to recovery plan development / distribution; Vax-Shield supports you.

Dr. Jennifer Gobel (Chairman of the Board of Advisors – Founder) is a Pediatrician practicing in an independent clinic that she founded in 2004. Dr. Gobel received her M.D. from the University of Minnesota, where she also completed her Pediatric Residency. With extensive experience in Clinic management in two clinics, including a large, University-affiliated hospital, she is well-suited to ensure that Vax-Shield continues to meet its customer’s requirements.

Mark Gobel (Chief Executive Officer – Founder) has built two small businesses over the last 17 years. He coordinates product development and initial sales for Lab-Call. Before that, he held executive positions in the disaster recovery and wireless networking industries. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.

The Board of Advisors adds critical outside expertise and guidance. The Board also includes Dr. Daniel Saltzman, the Chairman of Pediatric Surgery at the University of Minnesota (and an entrepreneur) as well as a Chief Administrative Officer of a Large Family Practice Clinic and an entrepreneur who owns a successful medical consulting company.

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