Vaccine Monitoring and Alerts for Clinics and Pharmacies

Easy Installation

Vaccine Monitoring for Clinics and Pharmacies has never been easier and is effortless to install. No need to configure hardware, software, server, subnets, network addresses, alert filters, logging intervals, or temperature ranges.Plug the Gateway in and it works.

Proactive Notification

Vax-Shield provides another layer of support by pro-activly notifying  you in advance of potential trouble.

Predictive Analytics 

We enable you to manage potential risks like compressor/thermostat failure and process failure.Be proactive, not reactive.

No Impact on IT Resources

Our use of independent cellular networks and auto-configuration capabilities means there is no impact on your IT resources.

Improved Efficiency

Screen layouts and functionality are designed for healthcare and intuitive for staff. Reporting is browser based so there is no need to train staff on another reporting tool.

Unique Expertise

Only Vax-Shield offers both the clinical and technical resources to help you resolve issues and questions regarding proper management of the cold chain in a clinic environment.

Vaccine Emergency Plan Distribution

Automatic distribution means a faster emergency response. Why drive to the clinic or pharmacy at 2 am when you can begin your response right away

Vaccine Emergency Plan (VEP) development

We help you build a better plan by providing unique risk mitigation strategies and responses for multiple scenarios. Take advantage of our expertise.

Use Your Existing Technology

All we require is an up-to-date browser on the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This makes Vax-Shield it easy and low cost.

Comparing Refrigeration Monitoring Solutions

Requirements                                                                   Vax-Shield             Vax-Shield           Data Logger          LAN/WAN           Cellular                                                                                                    Basic                     Complete


Filtering – Prevent False Alarms*
Multi-Stage Filtering – Cellular Efficient*
Pre-Installation Survey
Refregeration Review*
Initial Remediation
No need for IT Involvment
Auto Network Parameters*
Auto Cloud Configuration*
Auto Configure Each Gateway / Node*
Auto Assignment of Refrigerator / Freezer*
Auto Set Device Filters*
Auto Set Cloud Filters*
Configure the Users*
Test Alerts*
Ongoing Services
Predictive Analysis and Remediation
Proactive Notification*
Incident Management Assistance*
General Questions*
Recovery Planning Services
Build Recovery Plan*
Distribute Recovery Plan*
* = Unique to Vax-Shield Standard = Available with Upgrade = Not Available =

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