What Makes Vax-Shield Better?

Easy Installation

Our patented auto-configuration algorithms mean that installation is extraordinarily simple. Plug the hardware in, and we take care of the rest. You do not need to know or configure hardware, software or network thus saving time, frustration and expense.

Dynamic Notification

We notify our clients directly when we see issues that need to be addressed. Our clients have saved millions of dollars worth of vaccine thanks to our  Dynamic Notification Service. No other continuous temperature monitoring provider does this for clinics/pharmacies.

Daily / Weekly Review of your temperatures and error conditions 

Vax-Shield reviews your refrigerator temperatures and other metrics on a daily or weekly basis and uses using predictive analytics to identify risks to your vaccine.

No Impact on IT Resources

Our use of independent cellular networks and auto-configuration capabilities means there is no impact on your IT resources.You are free to do what you do best.


We use cellular networks for communications which means that you do not need to worry about the installation implications of the HIPAA security rule. The cellular network also provides greater resiliancy and redundancy than a typical clinic network so the temperatures will always get through in real time.

Unique Expertise

Only Vax-Shield offers both the clinical and technical resources to help you resolve issues and questions regarding proper management of the cold chain in a clinic environment.

Vaccine Emergency Plan Distribution

A link to your VEP is attached to every alert notice. This way, each team member works from the same plan in an emergency, regardless of where they are located. This improves emergency response by an average of 2-3 hours thereby reducing risk to vaccines and cash flow.

Vaccine Emergency Plan (VEP) development

We help you build a better plan by providing unique risk mitigation strategies and responses for multiple scenarios. Take advantage of our expertise.

Use Your Existing Technology

All we require is an up-to-date browser on the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This makes Vax-Shield it easy and low cost.

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