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We save you time, frustration and money

The Vax-Shield service is effortless to install and use. Our clients do not configure hardware, software, server, subnets, network addresses, alert filters, logging intervals, or temperature ranges, saving them time, frustration, and money. With Vax-Shield, just plug it in, and we take care of the rest.

We provide another layer of notification and protection for you

Vax-Shield protects your inventory by monitoring your refrigeration “exceptions” and notifies you if we see temperature patterns or other metrics that indicate the potential for trouble thereby providing another layer of assurance for you.

No IT impact

Cellular networks have resiliency, redundancy, geographic coverage and scalability. Vax-Shield utilizes the Verizon cellular network, so there is no impact on your LAN/WAN.

we assess your risk of vaccine/medication loss

Only Vax-Shield uses predictive analytics to detect problems before they arise enabling you to proactively address risks such as refrigeration failure before they occur which in turn allows you to reduce your risk of loss.

We improve the efficiency of your staff

Staff time is valuable. The Vax-Shield client portal is easy to use. Screen layouts and functionality are intuitive for the staff. For example; they can validate daily temperature logs and make additional comments from one screen.

Our Expertise helps you resolve problems

Vax-Shield can help you solve problems with your refrigerated vaccine/medication risk mitigation process and planning. We have the clinical experience, and technical expertise to help our clients plan, remediate issues, and select equipment.

Recovery Plan Distribution Services reduce frustration, save time and increase your responsiveness to an emergency

Vax-Shield provides automatic recovery plan distribution when your staff gets an alert. This way, each staff member is working on the same plan wherever they are without the need to be in the clinic or pharmacy. This immediate access provides a fast start in response to an emergency thereby saving time, reducing frustration and protecting your vaccines.

Leverage our resources with vaccine recovery plan (VRP) development

We can take your vaccine recovery planning to the next level. Our process goes beyond that which is required by the CDC by providing unique risk mitigation strategies and a more detailed response plan.

We work with your existing technology

The text should read: There is no need to invest in new technology. All Vax-Shield requires is an up-to-date browser (Chrome, Explorer or Safari, Android, Apple iOS, etc.) on the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Vax-Shield Service Levels

General Competitor Service Levels

Service Level Basic Complete Data Logger Wi-Fi Products Other Cellular Products
Meets Baseline CDC Requirements
Provides Alerts
Independent Network
Network Redundancy
Multi-Stage Filtering – Prevent False Alarms*
Multi-Stage Filtering – Cellular Efficient*
Pre-Installation Survey
Refregeration Review*
Initial Remediation
No IT Involvment required
Auto Network Parameters*
Auto Cloud Configuration*
Auto Configure Each Gateway / Node*
Auto Assignment of Refrigerator / Freezer*
Auto Set Device Filters*
Auto Set Cloud Filters*
Configure the Users*
Test Alerts*
Ongoing Services
Predictive Analysis and remediation support*
Proactive Issue Notification*
Incident Management Assistance*
General Questions*
Recovery Planning Services
Build Recovery Plan*
Distribute Recovery Plan*
* = Unique to Vax-Shield Standard = Available with Upgrade = Not Applicable = Not Available =

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